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 Seen by some as the “eighth continent”, the island of Madagascar and port Anakao are just A stylishly elegant port.

With the pretty coastal towns of Toliara and Soalara to the north, the port of Anakao – or Anokao – on the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is ideally set as a popular seaside getaway on the shores of a stretch of water known as the Mozambique Channel.

Visitors to Anakao can look forward to the unspoiled atmosphere of the small fishing port, its friendly locals and a lovely long stretch of sun-drenched beach with soft white sand – perfect for stretching out and letting the sun warm the cockles of your heart. For those of a more energetic nature, the waters of the Mozambique Channel are great for swimming, diving and surfing.

Madagascar is certainly not short of scenic locations, the entire island being famed for its natural beauty and unique biodiversity. Just south of Anakao near the village of Ankiririsa lies the fascinating Tsimanampetsotse National Park, which provides a habitat for numerous species of largely endemic fauna and flora, including the funny-looking pachypodium trees with their thick trunks sprouting only a small tuft of foliage right at the top and the lithe primates known as lemurs. The park also boasts a highly unusual body of water, Lake Tsimanampetsotse. A place of rare beauty, the saline lake support a thriving community of pink flamingos.

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